Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 3

Day 3 - 3.00 Miles 

Decided to stay at storage sheds for one more night for our run, but wouldn't you know it there was a darn train that we had to go around! Had a hill to battle and then back to our normal route. Nice and cool afternoon, so run felt good. We ran fast than our normal pace: 9.05 for me, JB and Alison at 9:15 pace. The looks on our faces after we finished was priceless and we all agreed that it would be impossible to run a 26 miles at that pace! Lisa ran/walked her 3 mile route and is getting stronger each day! Mitzi took the night off and will hopefully be back with us next week if her heel allows her to. 

Saturday will be our first official long run of the marathon training schedule: 6 miles. We'll start at 8am! Woo hoo!  

Next question to the ladies: What is your best memory of a run/race? What is the worst memory of a run/race? 

Quote for the day: You can feel either sore or sorry tomorrow.. 
- Unknown

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Run?

Background: Back in the good "old days", JB, Alison and Lisa were the boot camp queens! They have been doing this crazy form of exercise since it's inception in Wellington about 4 years ago. Not sure what Mitzi was doing, but I was being lazy at that time :) After about 2 years, I joined the boot camp group and friendly acquaintances we all became. After a few months, a lady in our boot camp group Andy told us that she was going to run her first marathon with her daughter. That put a bug in our ears and Alison and I thought for sure we could train for a half!! So, who was going to join us? I remember that cold night like it was yesterday. As we walked out of the junior high building excited and JB said she would run but she couldn't commit to running the race - geez that sounds familiar :) And Lisa said she would join too! Mitzi joined us in the first few weeks on a 6 mile long run and then she couldn't stop. And that began our life journey that is running.. I remember sitting in my car that first night with a nervous pain in my stomach and a smile on my face. And so formed our 5 lady group: the Marathon Mama's!

So why run? The reason behind our running is different for each of us. We are all unique and all have different, yet common themes on why we run. Here are our reasons we run:

Stormie: For me, the obvious reason is for my health. There is nothing like feeling strong and alive during a good run. I also run to clear my mind. It's a form of therapy in a crazy world. But another reason that I run is for others. In my family, legs are a gift. I have good ones, so why not put them to use? There are many times that I think of those around me that can't run and they give me strength and motivation. I also love the challenge of running. The battle between your mind and your body is exciting to me. The idea that you can force your body to keep going when it doesn't want to any longer is quite exciting. I also love being around other strong women, it empowers me and motivates me. 

JB: I have never considered myself a runner and really still don’t.  Runners are the type of people who have done it their entire life and it comes easy for them.  While it doesn’t come easy for me, I’m always glad I get out and run.  I started running a little when I joined bootcamp almost 4 years ago, but never over 2 miles at one time.  When Stormie and Alison decided to start training for their first half marathon, I told them I would train with them, but there was no way I was going to run 13.1 miles.  Well…I did run 13.1 miles and I’ll never forget that moment.  I had tears in my eyes and still have them when I think back to crossing that finish line in the middle of Dallas Cowboys stadium on that beautiful blue star!  What an accomplishment for me – I’ve never done anything like that.  When I really stop and think why I run now it’s because it’s part of my lifestyle.  It’s a habit – it’s what I can do to clear my mind, spend time with some great running partners and get an awesome workout.  If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!!

Alison: As you all know, I am a bit competitive!  I remember when we ran our first Turkey Trot, which was a 2 mile run, we stayed after our run and watched the 10 milers run.  I was so jealous that they were out there doing that, and I wasn’t.  I knew right then that I would be running 10 miles sometime in the future.  Running is not easy for me, it’s a challenge every step, I think because I’m so short legged.  So every time I finish a run whether it be 3 miles or 13 miles, I have a huge sense of accomplishment that far outweighs the pain.  Then I see all of these other women (and men) running with us that didn’t use to be able to run across the street – it makes me so proud!  Some of these same runners have completed the full!!  My mind tells me that if they were brave enough to endure the full, why have I not yet done it.  I know the only thing stopping me from completing this full is my mind… I told myself I COULD do this and WILL.  The only thing that could make running this marathon more special is doing it with 4 of my favorite girls in the whole world.  I love you all.  Next on the bucket list………triathlon!!!!  J

Lisa: Because JB makes me! Just kidding JB! I run to keep my weight down and my cardio up. I do not plan to run a marathon but will be 100% there for you girls that are!  Love you all!  I am so proud of you for having the spark in your heart to train and then run 26.2 miles!  You rock!  ( I think you are a little crazy though!) **Editor's Note: Let's hope she changes her mind and runs with us!!**

Mitzi: One of the reasons that I run is for cardio. Running is good for the heart! I also run to stay in shape. The "feel good" feeling when you're finished with a run or race is like nothing else. And of course I very much enjoy spending time with my runner friends. 

Quote for the day: "Friends...they cherish one another's hopes. They are kind to one another's dreams" 
- Henry David Thoreau

First Few Days

Welp, you may have guessed it! We are doing a full marathon!! With 2 half marathons and many other races under our belt, we're going for The Big One! After all, how can you have a name like "Marathon Mama's" and not complete an actual marathon?? We've been discussing it for quite sometime, but it's official. We are running the Fort Worth marathon in February 2012.  We (me and Alison) are pumped! Haha, now it's just talking the others into it. :)

Marathon training is in the first few weeks!! We've already had our first sickness as Alison had a migraine and was unable to complete the first 3 mile run on Monday. She didn't miss much as it was very warm on Monday. High 80's for October is smoking hot especially when trying to run! We are seasoned runners so we decided to let Alison's first miss slide :)

Our first marathon training day for a run was individual, unfortunately.   Alison was laid up with a headache, JB ran with the Shelley's and I ran alone during the day. Lisa is still getting back into the running groove and is walking some but mostly running and she did 3 miles on her own. Mitzi is on medical leave to nurse that heel, MM's say she needs to rest and do nothing for at least a week. We have full confidence in her as she is the one who jumped in for our half marathon training with a 6 mile long run. She's awesome! Although JB and Mitzi have not officially committed to the marathon, Alison and I have full confidence that they can do it! And we keep telling them.... JB is training she just hasn't admitted it to herself yet :)

Second 3 mile training day was last night October 26th. JB, Alison and I ran our 3 miles at 9:15 pace. It was good and if it weren't for the dang train it would've been a faster finish. Never fails when you get in the groove and your stride is smooth, something happens. Guess that's something I need to work on personally. Getting that groove back even when there's a turn. Our first group marathon decision was that we need to now park at the Santa Fe building to beat those dang trains. Next run is today: October 27th. 3 miles again, Friday is rest day and Saturday is our first long run - 6 miles.

At this point we (at least Alison and I) are still excited about this new journey we will embark on!! Only 4 short months away and we will be running The Big One :)

Quote for the Day: Devote today to something so daring even you can't believe you're doing it.