You're a Runner if

In thinking about the trials and tribulations we experience on the road while we are running, I've come up with a few humorous tidbits to enlighten your day.

We know you are a runner and particularly a Wellington runner if …

1. You politely ignore the heavy breathing of the runner beside you.
2. You’re comfortable discussing bodily functions with fellow runners as if it's no big deal.
3. You spend more money on running clothes than you do on regular clothes because you are in those more often.
4. You see other people running and we wish we could pull over our cars and run with them. Or be them.
5. You know every hill in town because more than likely we've run it at least once and we also know the ones to avoid. And if you don't think Wellington is hilly, you haven't run in Wellington.
6. You know the train schedule by heart especially when attempting to run from South Washington.
7. You run with gadgets, straps, belts, bottles, food, Kleenex, cell phones, medicine, chap stick, whatever you think you might need at any time during a run.
8. You can't get together at an event outside of running without discussing running. Try it, it's hard!
9. You know who Turpin is and what he does and you hate him and love him at the same time
10. You show up to a run and everyone there groans, and you take that as a compliment
11. You sometimes miss precious time with your loved ones. It is a big sacrifice if your family member is a runner, but you can tell when they get cranky that it's time for a run. So it can be a much better household if you just let us hit the streets.
12. You enjoy the encouragement, enlightenment, motivation, inspiration and challenge other runners give you along the way! Love our runners! :) 

Here are some other funny things from "you know you're a runner when":