Marathon Signs

So, if any of you are on Twitter, I highly encourage you to follow the Real Runners page which is constant updates of inspirational running quotes. This page among other various pages are where I receive most of the Quote of the Day for our posts. Every once in awhile they will tweet marathon cheering signs and I've been keeping track of some of them because they are so darn funny! All of these are from their Twitter page, thought I'd share...

"Momma said there'd be days like this" 
"Good thing it's not 26.3 miles, because THAT would be insane"
"Ice bath and Cookies Ahead!"
"Sweat is sexy"
"Forget, I'm looking for a man that can go long"
"I bet this sounded like a good idea when you signed up 6 months ago"
"Free Nipple Massages"
"You have great stamina. Call me"
"Naked cheerleaders 1 mile ahead"
"If you feel tired it's because of too much ass kicking!"
"Do you still think is a good idea?"
"0.2 down only 26 to go!"
"Run faster or kiss me"
"You proved them all wrong"
"I like the way you go fast"
"You are NOT almost there"
"Some day you won't be able to do this. Today is NOT that day"