Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Journey

Before you read this blog, let’s start with a little funny. If you haven’t seen this marathon video before, you have to watch it! It’s hilarious. Enjoy :)


Monday – Running 7 miles after running a half marathon race yesterday was difficult today. Jodie, Mitzi and I ran slow as our legs were feeling the heaviness of racing. Lisa was sick and ran 5 with us on the streets then ran back to bed. Proud of her for getting out and doing some as she honestly looked like she could have vomited or passed out at any moment.

Tuesday – Speed work. We are on the downward slope of our speed sessions. This week we did 4 – 2 mile loops with 800 m recovery. I truly believe these speed sessions are helping us not just with our speed but with our endurance. It also helps break up the monotony of just running down the street. In the future, I believe we should continue these more intense running days because it does help for our all-around fitness. Oh and it’s good for weight loss – Extra Bonus!

Thursday – 10 miles at marathon pace. Running at 4 am is so much easier than running at 8 am. I compared this run to my half marathon race and oh what a difference the cooler temperatures make. And I guess running a little smarter makes a difference too. One thing I've always struggled with is the beginning of a race. I like to go out fast, solely on adrenaline and excitement, and that’s not good for me! So, if I make sure and force myself to run slow in the beginning, man I sure do feel so much better. My goal is to be consistent, not run fast and then be forced to run slow. “Consistent” That’s my new mantra. Along with “Strong”, “My own race”, “Be tough”. I like to choose phrases and words that help me when running gets tough. This is a good strategy for those of you that need something to help. It really does work, as long as it means something to you. In the past, I've tried to use words like “Ethan” or “Michael” but I can’t go to that place because then I cry. And crying and running sure doesn't work well together. Try crying while running, and see how well you can breathe. J

Friday and Saturday – 6 miles. Our pace for these two days is 11:00 mile. Nothing too exciting about these two runs. The cooler temperatures were a welcome gift for us!

Sunday – 16 miles. Again, we had great weather for this run. Our goal was to maintain our marathon pace for the 16 miles. We started out slow, running about a 10:00 mile pace. Our legs could definitely feel the 36 miles we had run earlier this week. But we kept going like we always do and ran well. Our overall pace was 9:37 for Lisa, 9:42 for Mitzi and I and Jodie and Jana ran theirs in under 10:00 minutes as well. Alison ran 19.51 miles today! She rocked it. These are great paces for us to shoot for on the marathon. Our goal is to be conservative in the beginning, but smart and run “consistent”. If we maintain this pace and run smart, we will definitely achieve our goal of under 4:30 or closer to 4:15. This was a great feel good run and I sure felt strong and empowered. That is great for the mind and the soul as we head into the last part of our training.

This week our total mileage was 52.5 miles. This is our highest mileage week and we all can feel the toll it is taking on our bodies. The hardest part of running a marathon is the training. We will train for 18 weeks all for a 26 mile run. But we've made it. We've almost survived. We've had injuries and we've laughed and cried and pushed each other when we didn't feel as if we could go any further. It’s been a great journey. The journey isn't over yet, but it’s been a good ride so far. I think this go around we've learned a lot about each other. I've learned that no matter what JB won’t quit. I truly love that about her. As hard headed as she is, there is no way JB will ever quit. On anything. I've learned how strong and determined Mitzi is. Of all of us, Mitzi has never missed a training run! Not one time. She is the only one of us that can say that. She is simply amazing. I've learned that Lisa is a fighter. She has improved the most out of all of us. She's awesome and she is fast. Don’t let her tell you otherwise. I've learned that when Alison puts her mind to something, she can go further than she believes. She has been tested this go around, but she is still hanging on. I believe in her. And as many times as she’s questioned herself, she’s never actually quit. Even though she said she did J  and our newbies who have stuck with this crazy marathon plan of ours: Jodie, Tracy and Jana. They have put a new fire into our running. The newness of running and the milestones they've reached have been a pleasure to watch. They light up when they make a new running memory. I’ll never forget the day Jana ran her first 16. The joy on her face and the friendship and support from Jodie to help her get through that day. Or Jodie and Tracy’s first half marathon. Those are cool memories I’m proud to be a part of.  It is so great to have a supportive group, but let’s not forget the important key to have the internal desire to accomplish something you set your mind to. As wonderful as it is to have supportive people around you, you have to have the will and the fight to do it on your own. You have to run your own race. For myself, I've learned to let it go. I've felt more relaxed this time. I've trained better and I've trained smarter. I've been invested and committed unlike any other time. It’s just running right? But running teaches us so much about ourselves. And that’s the beauty of it.
- Stormie

Quote of the Day: Here are some great quotes from our local Wellington Runners

"Running to me is a stepping stone. That first step always leads to more. I can remember my first step, and the very few after that! I sucked, I still suck! I'm slow, I moan, groan, and complain, but you know what? I get out there and put one foot in front of the other. I may not run on a regular basis, I may just enter 5K's, but all those are stepping stones for more. Stepping stones I want to show Patrick and Little B "Look at what I can do!" Stepping stones that I can turn around and look at and be PROUD of."
- Lindsey Daugherty

"Running to me is... Thinking of my kids as they were little...the things I should have done...or could have done. Day dream of Dustin and Brayden on their wedding day, or as if they were still here. Listen to music that makes me happy or reminds me of my family and friends. I can cry if I want or laugh if I want and no one asks me what's wrong. Running is a time I can think of anything I want...just time for me. I feel so relaxed after a run. And it's a lot cheaper than therapy. LOL"
- Laura Popplewell

"Running to me is therapy, plus it gives me a feeling of accomplishment."
- Alison Rusk

"Running to me is me time, something I can do without having to worry about anything during that time. I can clear my mind."
- Andy McEntire

"A feeling of empowerment. It relieves my stress and helps keep me sane in a sometimes crazy world."
- Jennifer Templeton

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